Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Career change - quasi

I'm not dumping the writing thing, but I'm changing focus again. This entire year has been one of discovery and hard work. I've written a novel, I've covered major news events, I've established myself as a social-media expert, I've shed the shackles of the bland assignments and have taken on some fun stuff. Now it all comes into focus.

Over the next 45 years I figure I'll continue on this path. I plan to collaborate and consult with various corporations and show them how they can participate in the social-media world. My writing skills will be taxed as I plan to write a new book each year (it only took a month this year so why not dedicate one month a year to a new book?). And my income will be derived from my role as a social media consultant, syndicated columnist and features writer.

How's that sound? I like it. You can learn more by googling me - jeff cutler.

Thanks for reading!